SPYBY is a new vertical of Paluck Technologies Limited which is a company working in a versatile range of products and services ranging from Electrical, Solar, Telecom, Infrastructure, Construction materials, etc. 

Our initial research, before presenting ourselves as a kidswear brand, led us to discover an enormous disparity between the quality of fabric and designs in the existing kidswear industry. We conform to the highest quality standards and echo the latest kid’s fashion pan India.  SPYBY is a complete solution for every kid from the age of 2 to 14. To add luxury to the fashion picks of dear mammas, every color and every single style is chosen thoughtfully by a team of expert designers. Behind every sophisticated design, you discover childhood.

As a top retailer of premium clothing, our team carefully selects each piece from the manufacturer and designs it in such a way to narrate various childhood fascinations and dreams. To fondle the soft cheeks, we just try to click on wheels of expressions by adding some creativity to designs. The prints, motifs, colors, and patterns all speak of innocence and childhood mysteries.

So, let's not perpetuate the myth that dressing up a child is simply wrapping them in layers of comfort. Let's work together to create clothes to reflect their personalities and let them spill the sparkles where they wish to construct a home with their toys... Up in the clouds.



SpyBy strives to educate parents about the importance of quality clothing for their kids. All clothes are thoroughly examined against all the quality assurance parameters, and all precautions are made to ensure that children have a pleasant experience in terms of appearance and style. SpyBy presents a curated collection of staples that speak to exclusivity and joy


Our only mission is to continue offering the best of the products not in just kid's wear, but we aspire to cover all the necessities of a kid. From trendy fashion accessories to back-to-school kits, we bring to you the products that your kids need in their growing stage. With a perfect blend of technology and design, it provides the utmost comfort and style to our fashionistas.